Enjoy the beautiful backcountry of the Albertan Wilderness, and do some more exploring this summer at Alberta’s Best Kept Secret! Be Happy, Be Free, and Be Adventourous!

Getting around beautiful David Thompson Country

North of The Resort

Windy Point
Drive – 7 miles – turn east right at cut through mountain, out to point overlooking Abraham Lake .
Michener Mountain
Drive – best seen from Windy Point or viewpoint.
Drive – excellent view of Lake Abraham and the Big Horn Dam, a tremendous earth-filled dam. The largest man-made dam in Alberta.
Big Horn Dam
Drive – 15 miles from resort.
Big Horn Dam display
Drive – open May 15 to September 15th – 8:30 to 4:30.
Big Horn Canyon
Drive – 2 miles north of Dam – a viewpoint overlooking the Canyon.
Crescent Falls
Drive – hike – magnificent falls, also recreational area. Very scenic hike from highway to falls. The short hike from the viewpoint to the falls is exceptionally nice.
Lost Lake
Hike – starts just on the east side of All Stones Creek. Tough climb, above the treeline. Beautiful scenery.

South of The Resort

Cline River Canyon
Hike 1 mile from Resort. Go in from road bridge, about 2 mile walk.
Coral Creek Canyon
Hike – continue on hiking from the junction of the Cline River and Coral Creek, another 2 miles of beautiful scenery.
Historical Site
Drive – 9 miles from Resort, turn at 2 O’clock Creek, then right at the first turn. In this area are the Indian Burial Grounds, containing the graves moved from the Abraham Lake area and the original site of Barnes Ranch.
Kootenay Plains
Drive – scenic natural area and destination of the annual David Thompson Cavalcade.
Mount William Booth
Drive – seen best from the Kootenay Plains area.
Indian Sundance Tree
Drive – first trail turning right, just beyond the fence at Kootenay Plains. Drive along the trail to Indian Sundance Trees of this and previous years. The Indian Sundance ceremony is an annual Indian religious ceremony. Please do not deface or destroy this sacred area.
Siffleur Canyon Falls
Hike – 3 mile hike (a must for hikers). 9 1/2 miles from Resort – park in area across the highway from Kootenay Plains. The trail leads to a swinging bridge over the North Saskatchewan River, to the Siffleur River. The path along the canyon to Siffleur Falls is exceptionally scenic. For a longer hike continue along the falls to the rapids and Siffleur Wilderness. (Beautiful)
Whirl Pool Point
Drive – parking available along highway, walking trail down to whirl pool, interesting rock formation and small beach.
Mistaya Canyon
Drive and a short hike – about 1 mile from Saskatchewan River Bridge. Parking available along highway. 1/4 mile hike to bridge and canyon over Mistaya River and Falls. Also more hiking trails beyond, including Howse Pass.
Landslide Lake
Hike – long hike – take trail south of Cline River. 14 miles to Landslide lake. Beautiful scenery and excellent cutthroat fishing.
Pinto Lake
Hike – very long hike. Take the trail south of the Cline River and follow the Cline about 24 miles to Pinto Lake. Continue over Sunset Pass about 6 miles to the Banff-Jasper highway. A very scenic hike.
Sunset Pass
Hike – as above to Pinto Lake.
Around the Resort
Hike – walking path from the back of the campground to viewpoint overlooking Abraham Lake. Another viewpoint about 1 mile north of Resort – short hike to small Indian Falls and to lake. Also across highway, around White Goat Lakes.